Supporting the growth of new innovations in Southeast Asia is an important mission for Tadgets. If you have a bright idea or an innovation which you want to bring into the market, we will be interested to work with you on several aspects.

If your project requires funding for prototyping or to go into first production, we can help you through our crowdfunding platform where the public can finance your projects with special premiums in return. Crowdfunding is a popular method of getting microfinancing where public demand and market responsiveness can be assessed quickly. It is also not subjected to monetary regulations as no equities or securities are involved. Our crowdfunding platform is currently in the works. More details will be provided soon.

Your project is adequately funded and your prototyping is successful. You are ready to launch into production and you are not sure what to do. Fret not, we will assist you in deriving a robust and sound manufacturing plan that optimises your budget without compromising on product quality and function. Our team of product and manufacturing engineers can perform value-engineering and advise you on the materials and manufacturing designs to keep your production cost low. We will also evaluate manufacturing and assembly companies that can produce your product and meet or exceed your product specifications.

First market launch is crucial for all innovations to capitalise on first mover advantage. Our marketing specialists can draw up a marketing plan with you that effectively reaches your targeted audience and brings across the key value proposition. We deploy our marketing campaigns across digital and physical space. We will also link up potential collaborators that can partner with you and present your products to the right consumers in the right spaces.

Your product is ready for the global market and you want the whole world to benefit from your innovation. We will work with you in formulating a global distribution and sales plan and source for reliable distributors in different countries to bring your products abroad. We will be your key agent in making sure your exports run smoothly and your global sales results align with your goals.

We are here to help your innovations proliferate across the globe. Let us be your partner in your innovation journey. If you are keen to work with us, drop us a note at


In a nutshell, we provide value to new innovation start-ups through








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