Invest in Tadgets

Tadgets is a new age company that proliferates technological innovations across the globe. We believe that technology should not be constrained by borders. Because of this belief, we work hard to curate technology that help mankind advance and market it to people who need it. We also strive to groom new technology that solves real consumer needs and bring them to the global market.

Innovation start-ups from EuMEA, Amercias and APAC partner with us exclusively to help distribute their products to markets in Southeast Asia because of our marketing and distributing expertise in new innovations. We have networks to early technology adopters and conversant marketing strategies to bring across key value proposition messages to the right audiences.

On the other hand, we also partner with start-ups in Southeast Asia with exclusive IP collaboration and bring their products to the global markets through crowdfunding, new product introduction, marketing and international distribution.

We are growing slowly at the moment and reaching out to pockets of the world. However, we hope to be able to reach out to as many start-ups and consumers as much as possible in the shortest time. To achieve that, we will require angel investment in the next three years to grow our presence and acquire more capabilities. We hope to partner with investors who share in our belief in spreading technology to the world.

Be at the forefront of technology, be a Tadgets investor. Let us know how we can partner together via