What are pre-orders?

Pre-order items are products which we do not have ready stocks. This can be a product that has just ran out of stock or a new product which we are introducing to the market. Customers can still purchase these products through pre-orders and enjoy promotional discounts. Pre-orders have longer lead times than normal orders and we seek our customers' understanding and patience.


Why do we have pre-orders for new products?

Our new products are exciting technology which we, at Tadgets, wish to bring to consumers in our markets. In order to allow our customers enjoy these new technology at super crazy low prices, we introduce pre-ordering for new products so that we can minimise inventory costs and pass on these savings to our customers. Pre-ordering is also one way for us to sense the demand and response for the products which we plan to bring in. If the demand or response is low, we will cancel all pre-orders and refund our customers.

Pre-Order Steps


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  • iStrike Shuttle

    Take office warfare into the sky with the Dream Cheeky iStrike Shuttle. This 3-channel Helicopter is wirelessly controlled by your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad through Bluetooth®.

    With the free and fully equipped iStrike Controller app you can make the iStrike Shuttle go where no Dream Cheeky gadget has gone before. Make it hover above the unsuspecting heads of your targets and drop an iStrike Bomb at the exact right moment. Its unique design and flying pattern give the iStrike Shuttle an almost human character. Yet it’s surprisingly easy to control. It even comes with an attachable bright orange training wheel that makes landing easier. Novice or devoted flying object expert; find out which of the many control modes suits you best and take over the sky!

    Available for pre-ordering. Click here to find out more about pre-orders. Learn More

    Pre-Order S$149.00

  • PUSH Band

    The revolutionary PUSH armband tracks and analyzes your training. PUSH Band provides you with real actionable metrics that help you improve faster while reducing the risk of injury.

    Sizing info (measure the widest part of forearm, near your elbow)

    Small Strap (9-12 in / 22-30 cm)

    Large Strap (11.5-17.5 in / 29-44 cm)

    Available for pre-ordering. Click here to find out more about pre-orders.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: S$289.00

    Special Price S$259.00

    As low as: S$229.00

  • Moskito - App Controlled Plane


    smartphone controlled plane with joystick 

    Extremely durable material

    Two control modes:
    Joystick & Tilt

    Awesome cockpit app

    Ready to fly

    Learn More

    Regular Price: S$99.00

    Special Price S$89.00

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